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What Your Own Facebook Newsfeed Tells You About Increasing Brand Engagement

Mathew Ingram of GigaOm recently wrote about Facebook’s challenging ad business model. It touched on an issue I’ve been thinking about of late with regards to finding the right voice on a company Facebook page.

In short, Facebook is the most personal of any of the social networks. It’s not far from the truth to say that the reason that almost all of Facebook’s users joined the network in the first place was to connect with personal friends and family. This is what drives them to log-in everyday, check their feed on their phone and is the basis for the status updates they share.

They can follow their favorite sports team, celebrity, media source and products. But that is a convenience, and they won’t tolerate it if one of these entitites fires off too many self-promotional updates that get in the way from people interacting with their friends. And what Facebook watchers like Ingram are trying to determine is what will keep sponsored stories from doing well (will people scroll right past them in their feeds to get to their friends’ fun updates?). [Read more...]

What is Facebook worth to you?

I’ve followed the breathless tracking of Facebook’s valuation for several years now. Part of this inane banter has been around various attempts to place a dollar amount on individual Facebook fans. With last week’s IPO dominating the mainstream news, and the hit the stock price took the last two days, the question of whether Facebook is worth $100 billion is one that many are still debating.

Rather than debate this, the question to ask is what is Facebook worth to you?

I would argue that for most, it has not much, if anything, to do with “personalized” ads or sponsored stories from brands. It is based on what has made Facebook a part of daily life for almost a billion people. I bet it is along the lines of what it is worth to me. [Read more...]

7 very cool Facebook brand timelines

Cross-posted here from my company’s BostInno channel.

When Facebook first announced Timeline, its tag line was “the story of your life”.

With Timeline for brands now available (see Cheryl Morris’s great post on Facebook’s fMC event on BostInno), it’s time to tell the story of your company. I bet hundreds of social media managers, strategists and their agencies are burning extra hours now rushing to make the switch.

Unless you want to be among the first, my advice is to use the 30 days before Facebook switches all pages to make sure you do it right. Sure, there are big brands that already are live, but keep in mind that these companies likely had early access and planned their pages carefully.

I’m doing that now with my clients, with several core considerations in mind. I’ve looked at lots of pages to gather examples. I’ve seen many that clearly just threw up a cover photo and published the page. One admitted that it didn’t know what to think of its new page and asked its fans for their opinion. Of course, since most Facebook users hate change, the response was not favorable. Not a good way to introduce Timeline to your fans.

The old adage, “You only have one chance to make a good impression” definitely applies here. Following are the ones that I’ve seen since yesterday that are very cool. They are also instructive of the nuances available for curating Timelines that are not spelled out in Facebook’s documentation. [Read more...]

Facebook Timeline for brands: The story of your company

Facebook is using 2012′s extra day to unleash what is expected to be some major goodies for social media marketers.

If the rumors are true, the company will announce Facebook Timeline for brand pages tomorrow at fMC, its first-ever event for marketers in NYC. Numerous blog posts have been written offering advice on how marketers should prepare based entirely on speculation.

I have been thinking about this since last September since Mark Zuckerberg first showed Timeline at the f8 conference. At the time, I jumped on the developer hack available to get early access to Timeline so that I could think about what it would mean eventually for companies. I wrote a post on my agency’s blog offering this thinking, and since then have tried to follow through on it with my own client work.

Since this advice is even more relevant on the eve of fMC, I am re-sharing it here and updating it with new recommendations from the last week. All of these recommendations are based on the notion that Facebook is now a service for “telling the story of your life.” [Read more...]