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Social Media at User Conferences: How to Approach The Opportunity

I’ve heard it said that content is the fuel that keeps the social media engine humming.

That’s a nice simplified view of the importance of content creation. To break it down some more, content is the refined gasoline (or generated electricity if you’re into green vehicles). Like the companies that provide that end-product, you have to invest in content exploration projects to get the raw material to refine into your high-octane content.

A great source of content raw material: Your user conference

While general industry trade shows and conferences have suffered with the economy, user conferences continue to be an important investment. From educating customers on best practices, meeting face-to-face with them to understand their challenges first, or allowing for peer-to-peer interaction, these events generally energize a passionate customer community. [Read more...]

Social Media Targeting Comes to LinkedIn

The feedback from the majority of my clients that want to justify investment in social media today are very different than they were two years ago. They go something like this:

The executive team does not understand the benefit derived from our participation in Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare. They see the effort and output but cannot make the connection back to traditional PR measurement metrics or any lead generation activity. 

They all know and understand LinkedIn.  They feel there is some opportunity to generate benefit – ideally sales leads.

The odds are good that this is what you are hearing or asking at your company now as well. I’m going to cover how I’m responding to this in several posts here in the coming weeks.

I’ll start today by covering a new LinkedIn feature introduced last week that has the potential to be a valuable tool in the kit for engaging customers and prospects and supporting lead generation. [Read more...]

Why you can’t think of social media as a marketing check box

I know what’s stated in the headline is preaching to the choir for many of you out there. Here we are in mid-2012 and companies are devoting more resources and attention to social media as part of marketing, which is great but from where I sit, I see them thinking about it mostly as a checkbox item.

As a strategic communications consultants, our existence is based on providing value to clients in marketing leadership. There’s a slew of ways we do this and this post won’t go into the details on all of those.

But given that marketing’s existence is predicated on generating demand — or leads — for sales organizations, in order to earn and keep a seat at the table, the value we provide should be based on directly supporting our clients’ demand gen goals. [Read more...]

Facebook Timeline for brands: The story of your company

Facebook is using 2012′s extra day to unleash what is expected to be some major goodies for social media marketers.

If the rumors are true, the company will announce Facebook Timeline for brand pages tomorrow at fMC, its first-ever event for marketers in NYC. Numerous blog posts have been written offering advice on how marketers should prepare based entirely on speculation.

I have been thinking about this since last September since Mark Zuckerberg first showed Timeline at the f8 conference. At the time, I jumped on the developer hack available to get early access to Timeline so that I could think about what it would mean eventually for companies. I wrote a post on my agency’s blog offering this thinking, and since then have tried to follow through on it with my own client work.

Since this advice is even more relevant on the eve of fMC, I am re-sharing it here and updating it with new recommendations from the last week. All of these recommendations are based on the notion that Facebook is now a service for “telling the story of your life.” [Read more...]